"Massage, when your brain needs a hug"

Welcome to Kanok Spa

Full Range of Spa. Body Mind and Spirit Wellness

Our Philosophy

True Healing comes by nourishing of the mind, relaxing the body and rediscover your spirit!

Our commitment is to provide our customers a full range of spa services at the highest professional and enthusiastic level and a personalized spa journey that is an unforgettable relaxation.

Our top priority is to deliver 100% committed customer care, with a focus on comfort, support, safety, education and relaxation. We understand that this is the golden formula to promote Body Mind and Spirit Wellness

Relax and nourish your body

The body is an outstanding source of strength; the mind an incredible source of intelligence; the heart an uncommon source of might; and the soul a remarkable source of power.

Clear and peace your Mind

Your mind is a reservoir of potential; your heart an ocean of strength; your soul a well of talents; and your body a vessel of power.

Let your spirit reach high.

Harness your mind’s power and you can reach the mountaintop. Harness your heart’s power and you can reach the stars. Harness your spirit’s power and you can reach the edge of the universe.

Peace Out

Everything is fine now, I got a massage today!